the energetic problem solver

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ESTP at a glance

People with ESTP preferences tend to use their energy and enthusiasm to motivate others. They apply common sense and past experience to problems and often learn by doing. If you need something solving quickly, they’ll figure out what’s wrong and fix it for you. They’re easygoing, spontaneous, and tend to love life.

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ESTPs at their best

People with ESTP preferences take a practical approach to problems and look for immediate results. They enjoy actively solving problems with others, they’re outgoing, and they tend to be good-humored. Fun-loving, inventive, and flexible, they’re quick to react to changing circumstances in the world around them.

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ESTPs and stress

People with ESTP preferences may find it stressful when decisions are made too quickly, plans are forced on them, or people ignore what’s practical. They dislike inefficiency and wasted efforts.

When they’re stressed, they tend to get distracted easily or become stubborn, fixating on details they normally wouldn’t notice and resisting innovation. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may start to feel marginalized or isolated from others.

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ESTPs and relationships

People with ESTP preferences tend to love life and immerse themselves in it. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will likely see them as adventurous risk-takers and pragmatic troubleshooters. They have a charismatic style in their relationships which is often attractive to others, but they give feedback very directly. They’re action-oriented and would rather do something than talk about doing it. However, they may be impatient exploring long-term relationships.

ESTPs at work

People with ESTP preferences generally enjoy taking risks and solving problems. They work best when they’re surrounded by active, task-oriented people. Their ideal workplace is fast-paced and focused. Spontaneous and adventurous, they often prefer to work without strict rules or restrictions.

ESTPs are very aware of their immediate environment. They’re accurate, data-driven, and efficient. They’ll often notice what needs to get done and act without hesitation. However, this means that they might get distracted and not finish what they’ve started. Some say that people with ESTP preferences invented the term multitasking to describe their ability to move quickly from one task to the next, doing what seems most expedient, efficient, and the most fun!

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