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INTJ at a glance

People with INTJ preferences tend to be forward-thinking and future focused. They’re often visionaries with large, far-reaching goals—but they operate mostly under the radar.

INTJs will often spend time pondering how to get where they want to be, but they’ll rarely share their plans with others. They never shy away from a challenge and they often look for solutions that reach far beyond the original parameters.

People with INTJ preferences tend to see life as a complex system. Work, family, and relationships are all puzzles for them to examine and figure out.

Interesting facts about INTJs

People with INTJ preferences have strong personalities with a focus on analytical curiosity. This may make it seem like they’re interested in positions of power. However, they rarely take on leadership roles. They often prefer to have full autonomy in their own jobs, rather than control over others.

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