All about the Myers-Briggs
(MBTI) types

The MBTI® assessment gives you insights into what makes you you. Get to know your MBTI type and you get a head start in self-awareness that’s practical and actionable.

How many MBTI types are there?

The MBTI assessment helps people understand their innate personality preferences through different personality types. There are 16 MBTI types altogether, and each one has four letters.

What do the four letters mean?

The letters indicate your personality preferences in four key areas:

  • How you get your energy (E–I: Extraversion vs. Introversion)
  • How you take in information and learn (S–N: Sensing vs. Intuition)
  • How you make decisions (T–F: Thinking vs. Feeling)
  • How you like to organize your time and environment (J–P: Judging vs. Perceiving)

So, each MBTI type is a four-letter combination of

What's the difference between the types?

That’s exactly what our 16 MBTI type pages show you!

Check any type—including your own, if you think you already know it—and you’ll see:

  • Two-word descriptions of every type—like ‘Efficient Organizer’ (ESTJ), ‘Thoughtful Idealist’ (INFP), and so on.
  • At-a-glance overviews, facts, and statistics.
  • Words that best describe that type.
  • Deeper information on the strengths, likely careers, and relationship style of each type.

Take a look, dig around. Get a feel for how this kind of information can help your self-development journey.

And remember...

…these type pages and overviews are just the beginning of better understanding yourself, seeing similarities and differences in others, and reaching your potential when it comes to personal development backed by science.

To go further, take the MBTI assessment here.

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