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Posted 11 Apr 2022 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Contributing Writer

What Stresses Parents Based on Personality Type

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Posted 22 Mar 2022 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Contributing Writer

Career exploration for extraverted personality types

What careers are best for those with extraverted preferences? What should you keep in mind as an Extravert when interviewing? Read this blog to learn more...

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Posted 17 Mar 2022 by Melissa, MBTIonline Marketing Manager

3 Ways to use your MBTI personality type to manage your stress

April is stress awareness month. And it's safe to say that stress is at an all-time high right now. Unfortunately, you can't avoid stress completely. But there are 3 steps you can take to better understanding and managing your stress. If you want to dive into each of these steps, check out the articles below: Recognize your stress triggers Understand your stress behaviors Learn what stress management techniques work for YOU Your MBTI type and your stress triggers Just as people...

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Posted 25 Feb 2022 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Writer

Your MBTI Relationship Questions Answered

Answering the most frequently asked questions about Myers-Briggs personality type and relationships with MBTI Master Practitioner and TEDx speaker Michael Segovia.

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Posted 08 Feb 2022 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Writer

Myers Briggs personality type resources for dating and relationships

Relationships (especially romantic ones) are a lot of work. This is undoubtedly true in my own life. After 17 years and two kids, my husband and I have been through loss, heartache, and change. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to people who have been together longer or endured the unimaginable. But one thing’s for sure: when the heart emojis and fireworks fade away, it takes real commitment and intentional effort to keep moving forward. For a relationship to last, you and your pa...

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Posted 25 Jan 2022 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager

How personality insights add understanding to love and relationships

Want to better your relationships? Here's how you can use MBTI personality insights to better understand the other person and improve your relationships. 

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Posted 19 Jan 2022 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager

MBTI personality superpower

What’s the strongest part of your MBTI personality type? It’s your favorite function. Learn more about your favorite function and personal development tips for each MBTI type here.

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Posted 13 Jan 2022 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Contributing Writer

Your team needs Introverted types too

It's no secret the corporate world favors Extraversion. Here's why your team needs Introverted types too.

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Posted 28 Dec 2021 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager

How to make the new work world work for Introverted types

This year on World Introvert Day (January 2), many people will be returning to the office on Monday. But many others will not (and not just because of the new variant).

Events of the past two years have turned regular work on its head.

And because of it, many people who prefer Introversion are living their best work-from-home lives.

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Posted 21 Dec 2021 by Vanessa, MBTIonline Contributing Writer

Nonprofit amps up productivity and company culture with MBTIonline teams

As a manager or director, you know how to make sure your team gets things done. But over the last couple of years, it hasn’t been easy. Between hybrid work models and Zoom fatigue, leading a team is challenging. We’re talking “playing Jenga during an earthquake” kind of challenging. It’s pretty common to fall into the trap of focusing too much on tasks and not enough on team building. We get it. You’ve got deadlines to meet and clients to reach. Productivity can take precedence over people. Bu...