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ESFJ at a glance

People with ESFJ preferences tend to be friendly and sympathetic. They’re great at understanding the needs of others and showing appreciation for other people’s contributions. They gather facts to help them make decisions and usually enjoy creating processes and procedures that are helpful to others. They value family, harmony, rules, and traditions. People often describe them as practical, modest, and loyal.

at their best sun image

ESFJs at their best

People with ESFJ preferences are outgoing, helpful, and enthusiastic. They’re generally known for their consistent, conscientious approach. They’re practical, organized, and responsive in their decision-making. They’re also incredibly tactful in their interactions with others. Harmony is important to them.

Under stress storm cloud image

ESFJs and stress

People with ESFJ preferences get stressed by challenges to established rules and procedures, uncertainty, and too much time alone. They don’t like to see other people treated badly, even by accident.

When they’re stressed, they tend to become pessimistic or inflexible. They may be so concerned with how other people feel that they forget to take care of themselves. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may withdraw from others, becoming distant and detached. They might get distracted easily or become convinced of their own incompetence.

In a relationship hearts image

ESFJs and relationships

People with ESFJ preferences have a lot of empathy for others. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will likely view them as responsible and caring. In relationships, they often notice what others need and try to provide it. And they’ll always do what they say they will, no matter how small the task. They don’t like to leave things unfinished!

ESFJs at work

People with ESFJ preferences usually like to work in a friendly and caring atmosphere, with other people who share their values. They enjoy interacting with customers and colleagues to communicate the value of a product, service, or project. They’re likely to be attracted to jobs in child care, healthcare, education, service industries, or religious institutions.

ESFJs are often driven to take care of the immediate needs of their team or individuals they work closely with. They like to make sure that rules and traditions are followed. They’ll usually be the colleague who remembers birthdays, makes sure that new team members are welcomed, and encourages the team to bond through group lunches and other activities. In a family, they often make sure that traditions are continued—such as celebrating holidays in a particular way each year.

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