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ENFJ at a glance

People with ENFJ preferences often get the most out of teams by working closely with team members and making decisions that respect the impact they may have on others. As leaders, they’re usually great at building harmony, encouraging self-expression, and inspiring others. They tend to be organized and people-focused.

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ENFJs at their best

People with ENFJ preferences are imaginative, trustworthy, and sociable. Persuasive yet diplomatic, they tend to be natural leaders. They’re quick to help others and often inspire—and support—positive change. They generally take notice of the needs and motivations of others around them. People describe them as compassionate, idealistic, personable, and enthusiastic.

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ENFJs and stress

People with ENFJ preferences often find it stressful to be alone for long periods of time. They get stressed by unexpected change, uncooperative environments, and negative criticism. They dislike conflict with their friends, family, or colleagues.

When they’re stressed, they tend to become pessimistic and inflexible. They may start to doubt themselves, become oversensitive, or appear bossy in the way they care for others. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they might become aggressive or short-tempered, withdraw from other people, or become convinced of their own incompetence.

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ENFJs and relationships

People with ENFJ preferences often encourage the growth of others around them. They quickly understand the emotional needs and motivations of others. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will likely see them as friendly, gracious, and expressive. In relationships they’re loyal, dependable, and supportive of the other person.

ENFJs at work

People with ENFJ preferences often enjoy helping others develop new skills, structure their time, and meet deadlines. They prefer a workplace that promotes collaboration and harmony. They’re usually attracted to a job or career in counseling, teaching, healthcare, or religion.

People with ENFJ preferences usually make decisions by considering other people’s values and what’s good for the group as much as what might be best for them. They support the development of individuals and their team. They generally aim to make meaningful, long-term differences in the world around them, and their work choices usually reflects this.

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