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ENFJ careers

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ENFJs at work

People with ENFJ personality types are natural leaders. Even if they’re not in a position of power, they often have jobs that directly help others.

On a team, they’re often the person who unites the group, respects everyone’s unique needs, and encourages each individual team member to do their best.

As leaders, ENFJs make people feel supported while motivating them and helping them find their talents. In general, ENFJs enjoy work that focuses on collaboration and adhering to a general system of values or a greater good.

Career trends

Because ENFJs love to help others find their life’s mission or true calling, they often fall into positions where they do just that. ENFJs are likely warm, friendly helpers who love to zero in on a person’s aspirations.

They’re probably best suited for a career that allows them to get the most out of each individual and create harmonious collaboration in a group or organization. Because of these tendencies, ENFJs excel in the fields of counseling, teaching, training, and religion.

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Leadership style

Those who identify as ENFJs don’t shy away from leadership roles. In fact, ENFJs make up nearly 4% of all leaders.

ENFJs can get the very best out of the people they manage by getting to know each individual and identifying his or her strengths, interests, and ambitions. They also encourage people to find their place to shine. While they may become overbearing with concern for those they manage, ENFJ leaders are ultimately caring and nurturing leaders.

ENFJs on a team

ENFJs are adept at creating harmony on a team, and they are naturally in tune with what individuals want and need. While they may become stressed at the first sign of conflict, they ultimately work incredibly hard to foster collaboration and encourage others to work together toward a goal.

On a team, you’ll typically find them in charge of any scheduling, organizing each moving part, and keeping everyone else on track.

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