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ENFJ strengths & weaknesses

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ENFJs at their best

At their best, people with ENFJ personality types are encouraging leaders who truly care about the people on their team, whether it’s at work or in their personal lives. ENFJs are likely able to infer another person’s goals quite naturally. It’s the same for the greater goal of a team, too. ENFJs may gently encourage others by speaking their language and appealing to their values. They can smooth out areas of conflict in a group.

Potential development areas for ENFJs

Despite their best intentions, ENFJs can become so focused on creating harmony and that they may unintentionally sweep larger issues aside. And in striving to inspire others to meet their goals, they could become pushy or overbearing.

People who identify as ENFJ might try taking a step back to let others figure things out on their own. This would prevent them crossing people’s boundaries.

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Types and Stress

ENFJs and stress

Because they’re so community-minded, ENFJs can become stressed when they feel that their ideas aren’t being heard or when there is a lack of communication in a group.

Working in seclusion or with uncooperative teammates will also put stress on ENFJ personality types, because they thrive on brainstorming and long-term goals to help them see the bigger picture. They may also feel stressed by unexpected changes or procrastination, which disrupt their typically structured plans.

If you’re an ENFJ personality type, you can try a few key things to balance these feelings of stress.