the logical pragmatist

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ISTP at a glance

People with ISTP preferences are diligent workers who genuinely enjoy becoming experts at a craft or career. They tend to be calm and levelheaded in a crisis, quickly determining what needs to be done and effectively solving the problem.

ISTPs are generally logical, kind, and tolerant. They tend to be slow to anger, but may be frustrated by drama or irrational behavior. Although not particularly sociable, ISTPs are helpful and understanding, and are always willing to lend a hand.

Interesting facts about ISTPs

ISTPs are deeply focused on facts and logic, but they often start to consider other possibilities—especially as they grow older.

When they feel safe and secure, they tend to consider unique points of view and the possible results of each one. But when they’re under pressure, they’re likely to fall back on logic and eliminate other possibilities.

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