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ISTP strengths & weaknesses

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ISTPs at their best

ISTPs are calm and able to rise to just about any occasion. Rather than focusing on future goals or big picture planning, they’re the ones who find the most efficient course of action for completing an immediate task or resolving a pressing issue.

They can produce results with little effort and can often save time and resources along the way. They avoid drama and dislike burdening others, so they often work independently to make others’ lives easier.

Potential development areas for ISTPs

Because they’re so focused on immediate results and quick fixes, ISTPs often overlook the bigger picture. While this isn’t always an issue, it can be a problem if they shut down other people’s concerns or opinions about how to do things.

ISTPs are often loner types. It may be difficult for them to accept feedback and they can diminish others’ opinions. ISTPs don’t always follow through on projects where they need to work closely with others.

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Types and Stress

ISTPs and stress

ISTPs tend to feel stressed by social situations. They dislike small talk and listening to the personal problems of people they aren’t close with. ISTPs also tend to avoid forced social interaction or gatherings because they make them uncomfortable.

At work, they feel stressed when others ignore their advice, question their expertise, or dismiss their practical assessments. ISTPs also prefer calm, quiet atmospheres. They dislike loud noise and interruptions.

If you’re an ISTP personality type, you can try a few key things to balance these feelings of stress.