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ISTPs careers

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ISTPs at work

ISTPs like careers that allow them to fill a “troubleshooter” or “problem solver” role. They prefer to work autonomously, so they do best in positions where they can act as the expert that others call on when they need assistance. ISTPs are flexible and resourceful. They can easily provide lots of different services and work without a rigid structure.

Because ISTPs prefer to work toward immediate solutions to pressing problems, they do well to avoid jobs that involve brainstorming, “big picture” planning, or conceptualizing, as these tasks will feel like a waste of time. Their interest in how and why things work makes ISTPs good candidates for jobs in technology, manufacturing, computer programming, technical support, and emergency services.

Career trends

ISTPs are drawn to careers where they can get their hands dirty, so to speak. They like to be directly involved in fixing problems and helping the community, and they prefer to be the go-to person when a problem needs solving.

In many cases, ISTPs prefer careers that are exciting, thrilling, or allow them to work outdoors.

Leadership graphic

Leadership style

ISTPs make up about 5% of leaders around the world. While they aren’t commonly drawn to leadership roles, they do enjoy leading others in fields that they are passionate about.

When in a position of leadership, ISTPs remain calm, lead with strength and fairness, and offer no-nonsense solutions to problems. But under stress they can be critical and stubborn.

ISTPs on a team

When they’re part of a team, ISTPs may withdraw or become quiet. They don’t prefer working as part of a team unless there’s some larger reason why. In those cases, they like to hash out details quickly and set off on their own.

ISTPs don’t like to ruffle feathers, however, so they’ll adapt to the societal norms of working within a group with respect and kindness.

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