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MBTIonline helps you explore your unique personality and achieve greater self-awareness to improve interpersonal relationships and personal well-being.

  • The official MBTI® assessment and verified 4-letter MBTI type
  • Personalized courses, type comparison, and action guides
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This is all about you

Discover self-awareness and see how it can directly impact your life across key areas

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Scientifically-validated personality data

If you’re making decisions based on your personality, accuracy matters. Our PhD-level research psychologists and psychometric experts spent 70+ years making sure results are scientifically-validated, accurate, and right for you.

Beyond the assessment, we also provide an interactive, best-fit process so you’re on the right track with your results.

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Immediate impact

Knowledge is power. And knowledge of yourself will powerfully impact your life. By knowing what works for you, you’ll choose the path that gets you to your goals faster. And be happier doing it. And better your relationships.

“I hadn’t realized that others weren’t the official MBTI assessment. Knowing this was the real thing was extremely important because I want the best chance to reach the goals I’ve set for myself.”

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The only way you can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment online is through one of these three options: i), ii) an MBTI Certified Practitioner administering the assessment to you directly, or iii) your organization or school administering the assessment.

We recommend that you look at one area of your life that you’d like to develop. Check out the learning paths in the MBTIonline portal to see which one most closely matches your interests or could be an area for development.

The MBTI assessment is a research-backed psychometric tool used to assess personality type. To fund ongoing research of psychometrics and personality, and to make sure our tools meet the highest standards, we charge a small fee.

In addition, we’re constantly working with psychologists and coaches to bring you more learning, growth opportunities, and data around your personality type. The one-time payment you make gives you access to our ever-expanding digital library so you’ll never run out of ways to utilize what you’re learning.

The assessment and best-fit type verification process takes about 45 minutes. But you also have access to our digital library of personality and development content. It’s up to you how much time you want to devote to your self-awareness and personal improvement.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment is a way to measure psychological personality preferences. It was first developed over 75 years ago. MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This assessment is a way to measure how we get energy, take in information, make decisions and organize our world.