The most personal gift you’ll ever give

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How gifting works

Why they'll love it

If we know anything about people (which we do), it’s that we love learning about ourselves. But knowing how to translate knowledge into action is challenging. That’s exactly what the MBTIonline is designed to help you achieve: positive outcomes.

Becoming more aware of our own preferences also means becoming aware that others have their own preferences too. Self-awareness leads to others-awareness, and who couldn’t use more empathy?

Self-awareness truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Personal insights last a lifetime.

It was a great gift! It confirmed me thoughts of myself and my internal values. And it’s a more personal gift that most. To me, it related that (the giver) cared deeply enough about the individual to share this as a gift. Now I’m going to gift it to my husband! I’m curious to know how he’d turn out.

Cheryl N.

The MBTI assessment is an awesome gift. I've wanted to do it for a while and just couldn't get myself to fork over $. It’s very practical and useful (which I love). Too often I get things that are interesting but just collect dust or aren’t useful. I would totally give this as a gift to friends or anyone I'm mentoring that is trying to figure themselves out and how to do what they are naturally inclined to / like.

Tori T.

What they'll get

Along with the assessment and full MBTIonline experience, they get ongoing support as they seek to turn insights into action. That’s because we believe in outcomes. Whether they’re looking for personal growth, professional growth, growth in relationships… our learning paths lead to transformation. For more details on what to expect, here’s how it works.