Develop your decision-making skills through personality type insights

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Develop your decision-making skills through personality type insights

Posted 01 April 2024 by
Vanessa Bradford
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A couple years ago, I introduced my kids to the “Would You Rather?” game. It's a fun activity where players choose between two equally challenging or absurd scenarios. I started off with a classic question: “Would you rather have the power to fly or be invisible?”

My daughter answered right away. But my son weighed the options and took his time answering. Even then, he didn’t seem confident in his choice. The next question in the game proved to be even more difficult for my son to answer. In fact, he got pretty frustrated and didn’t want to play anymore. What had started as a fun game stressed him out because, as he put it, “It’s way too hard to decide!”

It makes me think about my own decision-making tendencies. Like my son, I sometimes get bogged down by the weight of indecision because I can see how things make sense from different perspectives. I tend to get stuck in “analysis paralysis” as a result. Fortunately, I’m learning to make more effective, well-rounded decisions as I expand my self-awareness. It’s in large part because I’ve learned about my own personality type.

I have preferences for the INFP personality type (I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® [MBTI] assessment to find out). Since I took the assessment, I’ve discovered that I have some blind spots when it comes to making decisions. For example, I tend to let others’ opinions cloud my own. And I often get hung up on extra details or feelings that don’t necessarily impact the bottom line. To improve my decision-making skills, I’ve learned to acknowledge that what might seem like a harsh or inflexible decision in the moment could very well be the most compassionate, accommodating choice in the long run. I’m also learning to consider feelings and facts as I weigh the options.

MBTI insights tell us that everyone focuses on one question in particular when they’re faced with the need to make a decision. The question is different based on your personality type. In my case (INFP) I tend to ask myself, “What’s the most caring choice?” Here’s a closer look at how the other personality types make decisions – including the first question they ask themselves when beginning the decision-making process:

ISTJ – What is the most traditional choice?

ISTJ personality types tend to make decisions that preserve tradition and maintain efficiency. Here are a couple of ways ISTJs can improve their decision-making skills:

ISTP – What is the most pragmatic choice?

ISTP personality types typically view decision-making as a no-nonsense way to troubleshoot. Here are a couple of ways ISTPs can improve the way they make decisions:

ESTP – What is the most expedient choice?

ESTP personality types tend to be quick, hands-on decision makers. Here are a couple of ways ESTPs can boost their decision-making abilities:

ESTJ – What is the most sensible choice?

ESTJ personality types often take pride in their practicality and consistency when making a decision. Here are a couple of ways ESTJs can expand their decision-making skills:

ISFJ – What is the most conscientious choice?

ISFJ personality types tend to go with a predictable, secure choice that will be the most helpful to people. Here are a couple of ways ISFJs can improve their decision-making abilities:

ISFP – What is the most harmonious choice?

ISFP personality types like to opt for the choice that would serve everyone involved because they want to reinforce cooperation and respect. Here are a couple of ways ISFPs can build on these skills:

ESFP – What is the most enjoyable choice?

ESFP personality types gravitate toward the option that would directly and immediately benefit the people involved. Here are a couple of ways ESFPs can improve their decision-making abilities:

ESFJ – What is the most supportive choice?

ESFJ personality types have a tendency to limit their options so they can save time and move on to the next task. Here are a couple of ways ESFJs can improve the way they make decisions:

INFJ – What is the most inspiring choice?

INFJ personality types tend to make decisions based on what will be most meaningful and impactful to themselves and others. Here are a couple of ways INFJs can enhance their decision-making abilities:

ENFP – What is the most exciting choice?

ENFP personality types like to make decisions that break new ground, leave room for flexibility, and keep people motivated. Here are a couple of ways ENFPs can boost their decision-making skills:

ENFJ – What is the most collaborative choice?

ENFJ personality types tend to invite others into the decision-making process as a way to ensure everyone feels empowered. Here are a couple of ways ENFJs can improve their ability to make decisions:

INTJ – What is the most pioneering choice?

INTJ personality types like to learn as much as possible about all options so they can make choices that stand the test of time. Here are a couple of ways INTJs can advance their decision-making capabilities:

INTP – What is the most logical choice?

INTP personality types tend to make choices independently to give themselves time to analyze the options and find any flaws. Here are a couple of ways INTPs can enhance their decision-making skills:

ENTP – What is the most intriguing choice?

ENTP personality types often get immersed in the creative brainstorming stage of the decision-making process. Here are a couple of ways ENTPs can improve the way they make decisions:

ENTJ – What is the most effective choice?

ENTJ personality types usually have high expectations for whether their decision is persuasive and logical enough. Here are a couple of ways ENTJs can build on their decision-making abilities:

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