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INTJs at work

INTJs want to feel needed at work, and they don’t do well in careers that have no specific purpose. They like to solve problems. They’d be perfectly happy putting out fires every day if that’s what their job required. INTJs often think they know the best way to solve any problem, so they should seek career paths that let them do just that.

Because they’re so analytical and interested in complex systems (both theoretical and literal), INTJs would do well in fields that examine data, structures, or concepts. Things like computer programming, engineering, and running a business are all popular fields for INTJs. Some INTJs also choose more creative fields, such as film or writing, because they like to use their visionary minds to create their own world.

Career trends

INTJs enjoy career paths that challenge them intellectually and give them a feeling of purpose. They do well when working towards measurable achievements and rewards. An INTJ will be happy in any career that allows them to analyze a system, understand how it works, and try to make it better.

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Leadership style

While their dominant personalities make INTJs strong leaders, their independence and unpredictability sometimes make them disinterested in leadership roles. INTJs make up only a moderate percentage of the world’s leaders, and they’re typically looking for something other than control when they accept a leadership position. As leaders, INTJs likely think they simply know the most logical way to get things done, rather than feel powerful for rising to the top of their peers.

INTJs on a team

INTJs enjoy the collaborative social aspect of being in a team, though they might struggle with sharing their ideas and actually working with others. They do best on a team that allows them to discuss how things should be done with clear, honest communication at the start of a project, then go away for a while to complete the work independently.

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