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ESTP strengths & weaknesses

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ESTPs at their best

ESTPs are inventive, innovative, and sometimes quite disruptive! They often have big ideas, and they tend to shun authority so that they can implement these ideas on their own and in their own way. They may even maneuver around established structures on the way, creating space for further innovations and fresh new approaches.

People with ESTP preferences are often able to read other people. As a result, they may know what to say to get their way. They are also incredibly self-reliant, so they don’t often worry about what other people think of them.

Potential development areas for ESTPs

People with ESTP preferences might have difficulty managing their time effectively. They are often so immersed in immediate problems and situations that there’s a risk they will miss longer-term problems. Because they prefer a short-term focus, they may well lose interest in long, complex projects.

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Types and Stress

ESTPs and stress

People with ESTP preferences find it stressful when other people ignore their input or advice. Inefficiencies and isolation tend to cause stress for them. They also dislike having to make plans or explain to others how to do things—they’d much rather just jump into action.

Socially, ESTPs can be stressed by subtle hints or clues. They prefer people to be direct and to the point, so they’ll likely get frustrated if they’re expected to notice things that aren’t clearly communicated.

If you have ESTP preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: