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ESTPs careers

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ESTPs at work

People with ESTP preferences love to find the most efficient ways of doing things and the most creative ways to solve problems. They tend to do best in careers that provide them with the autonomy to experiment, brainstorm ideas, and create innovative solutions.

ESTPs may do less well under direct supervision, as they tend to reject authority and become frustrated by too much unnecessary planning.

Careers in science, mathematics, manufacturing, or research are likely to suit someone with ESTP preferences. These fields encourage new ways of thinking and focus on action rather than lots of discussion and planning.

Career trends for ESTPs

People with ESTP preferences are often skilled multitaskers. They love to bounce from one task to another looking for results. Because of this, they tend to look for careers that give them autonomy to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.

A traditional nine-to-five office lifestyle may not be suitable for someone with ESTP preferences. If they do have a job with this type of structure, they’ll likely want to create their own way of doing things. Generally, ESTPs look for jobs that offer new challenges every day.

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Leadership style of ESTPs

ESTPs aren’t typically drawn to leadership roles. When they do take on a leadership position, they will usually focus on practicalities to see where systems and processes can be improved. They’re also likely to point out inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the executive decision-making process.

ESTPs on a team

People with ESTP preferences are resourceful workers who like to be where the action is. They love to solve problems and see immediate results. They bring enthusiasm and logic to a team, and often help to create a nonbureaucratic approach.

on a team ESTPs might frustrate others by improvising too often, taking risks, and jumping in to things too quickly.

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