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ISTJs at work

ISTJs tend to appreciate jobs with structure, routine, and dependability. They don’t particularly crave excitement or change in the workplace, and they enjoy becoming experts at their chosen profession.

ISTJs like to learn all there is to know about their job, and they’re particularly adept at absorbing and storing information. To an ISTJ, how much they know about their particular field is a measure of success in itself.

ISTJs enjoy a good balance of teamwork and privacy in the workplace, so they don’t typically prefer working at startups or other open-plan or novelty offices. Most of all, they appreciate the dependability and reliability that certain career paths afford: the steady pay, the benefits, and the potential for advancement.

Career trends

ISTJs are drawn to careers that emphasize a “bottom line”. They don’t typically like jobs that are conceptual or ambiguous, which is why you’ll find a lot of ISTJs in the fields of healthcare, business, finance, insurance, and the military.

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Leadership style

ISTJs make up one of the largest majorities of leaders. In fact, more than 15% of leaders all over the world are ISTJ personality types. They can absorb information about what worked and what didn’t work from past experiences and apply these lessons to managing a team.

ISTJs are also kind and considerate without being too personal. But they might appear rigid under stress.

ISTJs on a team

ISTJs are good team players, provided that they know their role and what is expected of them. They prefer clear, concise instructions and direct communication between team members. Their main priority is to get the job done well.

While they appreciate a bit of socializing, ISTJs dislike too much small talk on a team, and they tend to be hard on those they think are slacking or not pulling their weight.

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