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ISTJ strengths and weaknesses

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ISTJs at their best

People with ISTJ preferences are dependable, straightforward, and logical. They like to work with clear processes, tend to stick with what works, and usually learn from their mistakes. They rely on facts and figures so they can do their best at any given task.

ISTJs like to have clear, step-by-step instructions for exactly what needs to be done so they can complete a job properly the first time. They like to develop strong, loyal bonds with the people in their lives and tend to be traditional in their desire for a strong family unit.

Potential development areas for ISTJs

ISTJs value structure and logic; they can appear rigid in their approach to the world. If unforeseen circumstances challenge their approach, they can become irritated or stressed. As a result, ISTJs may be overly critical of people who have different ideas or ways of doing things.

And because they tend to focus more on tasks than interpersonal relationships, they can be perceived as impersonal.

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Types and Stress

ISTJs and stress

When circumstances interrupt their usual way of doing things, ISTJs tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed. A sudden change of plan, being forced to deviate from a routine, and uncertainty in a given situation can all cause ISTJs a great deal of stress.

ISTJs tend to dislike indirect orders and vague or unclear information. Mess and disorder often make them feel stressed. They may get particularly upset if they feel that their logical approach is being challenged or dismissed by others.

If you have ISTJ preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: