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INTPs and careers

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INTPs at work

At work, people with INTP preferences prefer to have plenty of uninterrupted time to work independently and intensely. They love to examine complex systems and figure out how they could be improved, and they’re always open to exploring new possibilities and trying new approaches. INTPs tend to visualize the world around them as a complex model or framework, and they often do best in careers that encourage this type of analysis.

INTPs are adept at summarizing issues, finding problems, and pitching strategic, long-term solutions to others. These are valuable skills in most fields, but especially in the worlds of technology, transportation, architecture, and finance.

Career trends for INTPs

People with INTP preferences are complex problem solvers. They like to examine how things work, and they often notice things that other people miss.

INTPs rarely enjoy being micromanaged or working as part of a large team. As a result, they often take up careers that allow them to forge their own paths or create their own roles rather than falling into a traditional organizational structure.

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Leadership style of INTPs

INTPs tend to make successful leaders. Their analytical nature and ability to stay focused in almost any circumstances mean that, while they often prefer to work independently, they can effectively manage others as long as the people they’re managing are equally independent.

About 6% of global leaders have INTP preferences—a significant number given that around 4.8% of the general population have preferences for INTP.

INTPs on a team

People with INTP preferences don’t dislike being a part of a team, but they might not think of teams as necessary. Even when they are part of a team, they still tend to do most of their work on their own—but maybe in closer proximity to others than usual.

INTPs would rather let each individual determine how they work best than tell anyone what to do. But they do enjoy discussing ideas and sharing their findings with colleagues.

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