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INTPs at work

At work, INTPs prefer plenty of uninterrupted time to work independently and intensely. They love to examine complex systems and figure out how they could work better, and they’re always open to exploring new possibilities and trying new approaches. They visualize everything as a complex model or framework, and they would do best in a career that encourages this type of analysis.

INTPs are adept at summarizing issues, determining problems, and pitching strategic, long-term solutions. These are very valuable skills in nearly any field, but especially in the worlds of technology, transportation, architecture, and finance.

Career trends

INTPs are the complex problem solvers of the company. They enjoy examining how things work together, and often notice things that other people miss. They often fall into careers that allow them to forge their own path or create their own role rather than falling into a traditional organizational structure. INTPs rarely enjoy being micromanaged or working as part of a large team.

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Leadership style

INTPs make good leaders because of their analytical nature and their ability to keep focused no matter the circumstances. While they often prefer to work independently, they can effectively manage others if those people are equally independent.

INTPs make up about 6% of leaders around the world, which is significantly higher than the 3% of the general population who identify as INTPs.

INTPs on a team

INTPs don’t dislike being a part of a team but might not think it’s necessary. Even when they are on a team, INTPs will likely still work largely on their own, just in proximity to other people. They would rather let everyone determine how they work best than tell anyone what to do. But they do enjoy bouncing ideas around and sharing their findings with their co-workers.

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