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INTP strengths and weaknesses

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INTPs at their best

At their best, people with INTP preferences like to keep their heads down and get on with their work. They have a detached way of looking at problems that allows them to formulate a plan without becoming overwhelmed.

Some people may think INTPs are impersonal or cold, but that’s not true. They simply know how to separate their work from their personal feelings to get the job done. They are kind and considerate, generally keeping to themselves and rarely causing conflict with others.

Potential development areas for INTPs

Others might see INTPs as work focused and detached. Although this is likely to be fine in a professional setting, it can cause problems in their personal lives if it seems that they don’t care or aren’t interested in what other people have to say.

At work, INTPs tend to suggest complex and innovative solutions without much thought for how to implement them. They may become frustrated if other people aren’t fully on board with their plans.

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Types and Stress

INTPs and stress

People with INTP preferences tend to focus their attention on solving complex problems and analyzing details. They are likely to get stressed by anything that distracts or irritates them, such as loud noises or frequent interruptions.

INTPs find it stressful if they are forced to participate in too much socializing, small talk, or what they see as frivolous activity. They may also get upset if other people dismiss their ideas because they don’t fully understand them.

If you have INTP preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: