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ESTJs and careers

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ESTJs at work

ESTJs are often the people who can take control of any project, keep things on track, and set a clear structure for others to follow. While some people may focus on finding new or creative ways to do things, they tend to focus on the end result above all else.

Because they’re so driven, people with ESTJ preferences may seem to isolate themselves, but they want to motivate and organize other people, too. This is what makes them such great leaders! They quickly gather concrete facts and past examples to understand how things should be done, then they efficiently and effectively communicate this information to others.

Career trends for ESTJs

Whether they’re in leadership roles or not, ESTJs do best in jobs where they can manage people, structures, or systems. With their analytical minds and interest in numbers, they tend to do well in finance, business, or law careers where there are straightforward answers and “right” ways of doing things.

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Leadership style of ESTJs

Nearly 17% of global leaders have ESTJ preferences—a higher percentage than any other personality type. While people with ESTJ preferences aren’t always suited to leadership roles, their preferences for Extraversion and Thinking tend to put them in a good position to lead with confidence, communicate their ideas clearly, and guide their teams to complete tasks.

As leaders, ESTJs are logical and organized. Although they may seem “bossy” at times, they’re often great at keeping things under control when stressful situations arise.

ESTJs on a team

ESTJs often prefer to lead a team than join one. If they do find themselves part of a team where everyone is at the same level, they may naturally gravitate to a self-determined role, managing tasks and creating schedules for the group.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and can often help the team get the job done. However, ESTJs may need to keep an eye on their impulse to tell others what to do. Sometimes, that’s OK, and sometimes they may need to stay in their own lane a bit more.

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