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ESTJ strengths and weaknesses

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ESTJs at their best

ESTJs are natural leaders. Their analytical, data-driven minds and outgoing personalities mean they can often complete even the most difficult tasks with ease. When they put their faith in other people, it tends to motivate them to do their best as well.

People with ESTJ preferences are incredibly driven to meet their own goals. If you need a friend or colleague to get something done, do it right, and complete it to schedule, speak to someone with ESTJ preferences!

Potential development areas for ESTJs

People with ESTJ preferences are often so matter-of-fact that they may come across to others as brash or unfeeling. They put so much emphasis on logic, numbers, and facts, that they sometimes forget that other people may have different values or different opinions about what’s most important.

ESTJs can often improve their communication by focusing on building trusted relationships, instead of taking charge and giving orders.

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Types and Stress

ESTJs and stress

ESTJs dislike uncertainly, inefficiency, being challenged, or having their opinions dismissed. They tend to feel the most stress when they’re unable to control the world around them.

They prefer a workplace with set systems and structures in place, and may find it stressful to work with people they see as incompetent or disorganized.

If you have ESTJ preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: