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ESTJ strengths & weaknesses

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ESTJs at their best

ESTJs are natural born leaders. They have analytical, data-driven minds combined with Extraverted personalities. They’re incredibly driven and can often complete difficult tasks with ease.

ESTJs set goals for themselves and follow through with them. When they put their faith in others, it often motivates people to do their best as well. If you need someone to get something done, do it right, and complete it on schedule, an ESTJ is the person for the job.

Potential development areas for ESTJs

Because ESTJs are so matter-of-fact, they can come across as brash or unfeeling. While they put a lot of emphasis on logic, numbers, and facts, ESTJs can sometimes forget that others have different values and opinions about what is most important.

If you’re an ESTJ, you can improve your communication by building trusted relationships instead of always taking charge and giving out orders.

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Types and Stress

ESTJs and stress

ESTJs feel the most stress when they aren’t able to control things. They dislike uncertainty and inefficiency. And they’ll become stressed when working with people who they think are incompetent or disorganized.

ESTJs also dislike being challenged or having their opinions dismissed. A stressful workplace for an ESTJ personality type is one that doesn’t have a set system or distinct structure in place.

If you’re an ESTJ personality type, you can try a few key things to balance these feelings of stress.