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INTJ at a glance

People with INTJ preferences are often great at developing compelling long-range visions. They like to create innovative solutions to complex problems. Independent, thorough, and skeptical, they tend to have high standards for themselves and others.

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INTJs at their best

People with INTJ preferences tend to be seen as masterminds. They’re incredibly driven to put their ideas into action, often quickly organizing people and resources to reach their goals. They’re generally well-known for their long-range visions of the future.

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INTJs and stress

People with INTJ preferences usually find procrastination and disorganization stressful. They hate being micromanaged or having their competence challenged, and dislike having to focus on feelings at the expense of logic.

When they’re stressed, they tend to gather too much information, seeing patterns or meanings that don’t exist. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they might start to overeat, watch too much TV, or become angry or frustrated with the world around them.

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INTJs and relationships

People with INTJ preferences tend to be original and independent. They often need space in a relationship. They’re not easily drawn into emotional arguments because they usually see things from a logical perspective—even during the most stressful emotional situations. Often seen as private or reserved, they may not enjoy making small talk or sharing personal details with others. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will usually describe them as calm, consistent, and dependable.

INTJs at work

People with INTJ preferences often enjoy an intellectual challenge. They prefer to work in a fast-paced, achievement-oriented environment where they have the opportunity to work with experts and specialists. They like to work independently and develop their own ideas—they hate being micromanaged. Most INTJs enjoy theoretical and conceptual work. They tend to be attracted to careers in scientific or technical industries, such as engineering, computer science, or law.

Motivated by creative analysis and a desire to fix what’s broken, INTJs are usually attracted to careers that allow them to solve a problem, put a solution in place, and move on. Occasionally, they might surprise their colleagues by announcing a new direction for their department or organization. Although this may seem like a flash of insight, their decision is usually final—they’ll have thought things through thoroughly before sharing anything with others!

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