the enterprising explorer

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ENTP at a glance

People with ENTP preferences tend to have an innovative way of thinking. They see connections that others miss and quickly recognize patterns within a system. They enjoy developing strategies, solving complex challenges, and noticing new opportunities. Other people often think of them as clever and resourceful.

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ENTPs at their best

People with ENTP preferences are usually enthusiastic innovators who bring about lively discussion with friends or colleagues. They’re resourceful problem solvers, often encouraging others to take the initiative. Strategic and assertive, they tend to lead through their actions.

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ENTPs and stress

People with ENTP preferences get stressed by boring or routine tasks, inefficiency, too many details, and too much of a focus on personal problems.

When they’re stressed, they tend to worry too much, withdraw from others. or have unexpected outbursts of emotion. They might get distracted easily or become overly critical of people they see as incompetent. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may become passive-aggressive or use work as an escape from other things—working harder and putting in longer hours but getting less done.

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ENTPs and relationships

People with ENTP preferences generally enjoy a debate. Their conversational style is challenging— but also stimulating. They’re good at seeing opportunities instead of problems, and are usually able to figure out what motivates others. They enjoy relationships where others will connect with them on an intellectual level. Their partner, peers, family, and friends likely see them as energetic, lively, and independent.

ENTPs at work

People with ENTP preferences often love to work in fast-growing, high-energy environments. They want autonomy and the freedom to think differently and innovatively. They enjoy creating technical solutions to problems. They’re usually good with words, which helps them convince others of new ideas or opportunities. A wide variety of careers tend to appeal to them, including those in creative professions, politics, business management, finance, and engineering.

ENTPs see possibilities everywhere they look, especially when it comes to systems and how they can improve or fix them. Being open to all possibilities, they may sometimes have difficulty narrowing the range of their career interests.

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