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ENTPs at work

Being led by Extraverted Intuition, ENTPs are good at noticing patterns other people aren’t aware of. They draw connections between seemingly unrelated things. This is beneficial in certain jobs and often influences ENTPs’ career choices.

They enjoy jobs that provide new challenges every day and are best avoiding careers with lots of structure or too much routine. Better instead to look for careers in fields that are fast-paced and high-energy which offer autonomy. ENTPs can then create schedules and find their own ways of doing things.

Aside from such structural and scheduling preferences, ENTPs thrive in a wide variety of career fields. Seeking a career where they can creatively solve problems and fuel their curiosity is probably better than being limited to one industry or field.

Career trends

While no single industry appeals to this personality type, ENTPs generally focus on specific systems and how they can improve them.

For example, an ENTP could enjoy working in a fast-paced, solution-oriented career as a politician, a professor, or a lawyer. Many ENTPs have careers that encourage them to think outside the box and advise others about new ways of doing things.

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Leadership style

ENTP is one of the most common personality types for leaders around the world. ENTPs make up 8% of the world’s leaders, which is a larger percentage than nearly any other personality type. They are often magnetic and innovative. And they can easily come up with creative solutions by simply observing patterns and noticing things that others miss.

It can be difficult for subordinates to keep up with ENTPs, and as leaders, they need to communicate well to avoid becoming overly critical of others.

ENTPs on a team

When they’re part of a team, ENTPs are always looking for ways to improve the current way of doing things. They’re open to all possibilities and don’t mind hearing others’ opinions.

Once they decide on a chosen direction, they’re good at rallying others to get on board. In a group without hierarchy, they may start to take on the role of a leader, which could ruffle some feathers.

Overall, ENTPs are concerned with getting the job done. And as long as they communicate ideas clearly and keep their ego in check, they can help the group to succeed in a way that others will appreciate.

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