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ENTP strengths and weaknesses

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ENTPs at their best

ENTPs are innovative thinkers and natural problem solvers. They have a lively, enthusiastic way of communicating their thoughts and ideas which will often draw other people to them.

While ENTPs are usually assertive about their values and beliefs, they tend to lead by doing rather than giving orders or making demands of other people. They are often described as enigmatic, resourceful, and inspiring.

Potential development areas for ENTPs

People with ENTP preferences generally take a resourceful and motivated approach to everything they do. As a result, they may be hard on people they see as incompetent or unmotivated in an effort to drive them to greater things. However, this can have the opposite effect, causing the other person to withdraw or feel defeated.

ENTPs tend to worry too much when they’re stressed. Problems they can’t solve are likely to be very upsetting for them.

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Types and Stress

ENTPs and stress

Routine and monotony are often stressful for people with ENTP preferences. They likely crave new situations and new challenges, and don’t tend to thrive in careers or lifestyles that have the same schedule every day. Boring tasks and other people’s personal problems can also make them feel restless.

Under stress, ENTPs tend to throw time and energy into their work. This can backfire if stress causes them to make mistakes or otherwise create more work for themselves.

If you have ENTP preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: