the decisive strategist

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ENTJ at a glance

People with ENTJ preferences usually take a broad, strategic view of the future. They like to organize people and resources efficiently to accomplish long-term goals—as a result, they tend to be comfortable leaders. Objective and critical in their decision-making, they can also be energetic and like to take an original approach to problems.

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ENTJs at their best

People with ENTJ preferences are logical in their thoughts and actions. They tend to be objective, analytical, and expressive. They’re often able to consider alternative solutions quickly and are great at articulating the pros and cons of different options. They tend to make charismatic leaders. A large proportion of leaders and executives in the United States have ENTJ preferences!

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ENTJs and stress

People with ENTJ preferences get stressed when they don’t feel they have control of a situation. They find misinformation and inefficiency stressful and often dislike it when other people question their competence.

When they’re stressed, they may become bossy, inflexible, or oversensitive to what others think or say about them. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may feel marginalized, unappreciated, or overwhelmed by self-doubt.

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ENTJs and relationships

People with ENTJ preferences are energized by intellectual interactions with others. They’re often seen as decisive and fair, but not always considerate of how their decisions impact the people involved. They’re usually confident and competent, which others may find attractive. Their charisma is often charming—they tend to make partners or loved ones want to be the best version of themselves.

ENTJs at work

People with ENTJ preferences aren’t usually afraid to make tough decisions and often enjoy solving complex system-level problems. They tend to work best in a fast-growing environment that encourages competition, rewards achievements, and offers new challenges for them to solve. They’re typically attracted to positions of status and influence, such as leadership, management, or entrepreneurial roles. They may also be drawn to careers in finance or consulting.

ENTJs are usually focused on getting the job done. They’re long-term visionaries—but they might not share their vision with others until it’s complete. They’re always looking for quick solutions to fix anything that isn’t working.

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