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ENTJs and careers

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ENTJs at work

People with ENTJ preferences tend to thrive in careers where they can use sound logic and solid information to solve problems. They enjoy making tough decisions in the moment, especially those decisions that others might shy away from. They often benefit from careers that value their quick thinking and analytical decision-making.

ENTJs are incredibly motivated by competition and reward. While they think in terms of numbers and facts, they’re also good at communicating with others and leading teams or work groups. They’re able to see the big picture clearly, communicate their insights to others, and get the job done with precision.

Career trends for ENTJs

ENTJs are incredibly driven and tend to focus on success at work, either in their own careers or on team projects. They are often best suited to careers that allow for long-term planning and execution, such as creating conceptual models or establishing plans for others to follow.

One valuable characteristic of ENTJs is their willingness to take responsibility for difficult decisions. This is a cornerstone of many well-suited careers for people with ENTJ preferences.

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Leadership style of ENTJs

People with ENTJ preferences are generally adept leaders who manage with logic and clarity rather than emotional appeals. Instead of focusing on individual talents and desires, they focus on overarching plans and smart solutions for specific problems. They will often challenge their employees to stand up for their beliefs.

ENTJ leaders tend to bring enthusiasm and efficiency to projects, which some employees appreciate and enjoy. However, they may sometimes be overly critical of others or seem like they’re not listening to what their employees want or need.

ENTJs on a team

As part of a team, ENTJs use their laser focus to find the solution to any problem. They’ll often communicate their ideas clearly and concisely—and they’re usually so confident in their own thought process that it makes others feel confident, too.

ENTJs may cause conflict if they ignore other team member’s opinions or refuse to listen to counterpoints in a discussion. In general, though, they’re a valuable part of any team, providing an analytical mind to balance the more creative, conceptual ideas of others.

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