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INFJs at work

People with INFJ preferences often enjoy work that helps people. They like designing innovative programs and creating new approaches, but they’re also motivated by helping others develop. They usually work well in a positive, friendly environment where they can set their own schedules to allow them to fully explore and organize their ideas—they need quiet time to do their best work! Despite their independence, they like to have opportunities to share their work and collaborate with others. They’re likely to be attracted to careers in teaching, social good, and the arts.

They tend to rely on hunches and trust their instincts. After they’ve thought something through, they’ll share their plans or ideas with others on a need-to-know basis. It can be difficult to change their minds on something they’ve already committed to. They’re motivated to make a difference in the world, often one person at a time.

Career trends

The overarching theme in many INFJ career choices is making a difference. While most INFJs prefer thoughtful work that lets them make a difference behind the scenes, they mostly want to see that the work they’re doing is improving things for the people in their community.

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Leadership style

Only 2% of leaders throughout the world identify as INFJ personality types. Though they’re not drawn toward leadership roles, they wouldn’t be bad leaders if asked to step up into a position of power.

When asked to lead a team, INFJs provide long-term goals and consider how every decision affects the people they’re managing. This works very well in certain professions. They are thoughtful, caring, and more than capable of seeing the big picture and steering a team.

INFJs on a team

INFJs do best on a team where they can focus on things that are important to people. They’re usually focused on long-term goals of the team rather than short-term goals, and appreciate when teams have a culture of trust.

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