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INFJs and careers

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INFJs at work

People with INFJ preferences frequently seek out jobs that allow them to make a difference in people’s lives. They often work in fields where they can improve social systems, help people find jobs, or serve people’s spiritual needs. And once they’ve chosen a career path, they will likely stick with it for a long time.

INFJs often prefer to work alone or with a small group of like-minded colleagues. They like quiet, steady work that produces noticeable results. You’ll often find INFJs working in the arts, education, or for humanitarian or social causes.

Career trends for INFJs

People with INFJ preferences like to make a difference. While INFJs tend to prefer thoughtful work that lets them make a difference behind the scenes, they also want to see that the work they’re doing is improving things for the people in their community.

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Leadership style

Only 2% of leaders throughout the world identify as INFJ personality types. Though they’re not drawn toward leadership roles, they wouldn’t be bad leaders if asked to step up into a position of power.

When asked to lead a team, INFJs provide long-term goals and consider how every decision affects the people they’re managing. This works very well in certain professions. They are thoughtful, caring, and more than capable of seeing the big picture and steering a team.

INFJs on a team

INFJs enjoy collaborating as part of a team. They try to keep teamwork as democratic as possible and to hear everyone’s input during problem-solving or decision-making. INFJs are at their best when they’re working with a group of like-minded colleagues who are equally passionate about an issue.

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