the thoughtful idealist

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INFP at a glance

People with INFP preferences often like to develop creative solutions to problems. By solving a problem, they’re committing to what they believe in. They try to help others grow and develop to reach their potential. They can also be great at putting ideas into motion.

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INFPs at their best

People with INFP preferences are often devoted, idealistic, and compassionate. To many they may seem private or reserved, but in fact they’re quietly caring toward people close to them. You’ll often find them in nature or the outside world. Their long-range vision means that they sometimes see possibilities that others might miss.

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INFPs and stress

People with INFP preferences get stressed by boring or repetitive tasks, being rushed, or negative criticism from others. They dislike routine and open disrespect.

When they’re stressed, they tend to become cynical, aggressive, and judgmental. They may start to feel sorry for themselves or doubt their own abilities. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may become passive-aggressive, self-indulgent, or start criticizing others without considering the impact this may have on their relationships.

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INFPs and relationships

People with INFP preferences are usually selective and reserved about sharing their deepest feelings and values with others. It can sometimes be difficult to get to know them. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will likely see them as sensitive and introspective. When they’re in a good relationship, they’re loyal, devoted, and committed. Their empathy means they’re usually great at understanding the other person’s feelings.

INFPs at work

People with INFP preferences usually like to help other people learn and develop. They often express their creativity through writing or art. They’re drawn to places where they’re able to work autonomously and flexibly. The culture of the organization they work for is likely to be very important to them.

They like doing work that has meaning for them and enjoy working with people who share their values. Careers in counseling, human development, and the literary or visual arts often appeal to them.

INFPs are driven by personal inner values which shape most of their decisions. Motivated to make a difference in the world, they’ll look for careers that allow them to work in the background to create positive change in the lives of others. If this isn’t possible or practical, they’ll often have other charitable or philanthropic pursuits instead.

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