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INFP Careers

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INFPs at work

When choosing a career path, INFPs love to help others develop and learn more than they love being in charge. They are natural writers and visual artists. Even if they don’t explore a career specifically in the arts, they often find ways to incorporate these skills into their daily work.

More importantly, INFPs want to do work that has meaning with a group of likeminded people who share the same end goal. When faced with a dilemma, INFPs are also the ones who hold their company or team accountable to their deeper mission. They often remind their team of their core values and help to find many approaches and new ways of doing things.

Career trends

The overarching theme in many INFP career choices is making a difference.

While most INFPs prefer thoughtful work that lets them make a difference behind the scenes, they mostly want to see that the work they’re doing is improving things for the people in their community.

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Leadership style

Despite their grand plans and desire to help others, INFPs are not commonly leaders in the workplace — in fact, only about 3% of leaders around the world identify as INFPs. This doesn’t mean that they don’t make great leaders, though!

INFPs have a strong desire to help others grow, which makes them impactful and inspiring leaders in a creative or low-stress role. Because they frequently hold themselves and their organization accountable to certain values and standards, their leadership style is firmly rooted in a belief system rather than discipline or hierarchy. As leaders, they encourage a team to find creative solutions to problems and consider many approaches before settling on a course of action. However, INFP leaders tend to preach to their team (which some may find irritating or stressful). When things get tough, the INFP may start to take things personally and feel sorry for themselves, as they tend to internalize stress and conflict.

INFPs on a team

When working with others as a part of a team, INFPs enjoy community and collaboration, but they will be slow to open up and express their own views. Once they have a solid foundation of trust (and, most importantly, a shared goal), INFPs become driven by the communal atmosphere. INFPs typically prefer to work independently, but they enjoy having a trusted co-worker to bounce ideas off or a small team of individuals working on their own projects toward one common goal.

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