the imaginative motivator

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ENFP at a glance

With a tendency to move quickly from one project to another, people with ENFP preferences are often willing to consider almost any possibility. In fact, they usually develop multiple solutions to a single problem. They’re energized by new people and experiences. They generally value depth and authenticity, and are often described as lively but restless.

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ENFPs at their best

People with ENFP preferences tend to have a zest for life. They’re creative, curious, and independent. They love to be spontaneous and they’re great at coming up with ideas in the moment. Perceptive, outgoing, and articulate, they often make inspirational leaders.

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ENFPs and stress

People with ENFP preferences get stressed by seemingly endless details, rules over relationships, and a lack of enthusiasm from others. They dislike spreadsheets and organization at the expense of creativity. Boring, routine tasks are often their worst nightmare.

When they’re stressed, they tend to worry too much or catastrophize—imagining increasingly negative possibilities for the future. They might withdraw from others, become inflexible, or have difficulty focusing on a task, moving quickly from one thing to the next. At times of extreme or prolonged stress, they may become passive-aggressive or fixate on their work—working harder and putting in longer hours but getting less done.

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ENFP and relationships

People with ENFP preferences tend to be incredibly perceptive about people. They often experience a wide range of feelings and intense emotions. Their partner, peers, family, and friends will likely see them as versatile and enthusiastic. In relationships, they offer support and appreciation to people they care about—and generally want the same in return.

ENFPs at work

The ideal working environment for people with ENFP preferences encourages and rewards creativity, promotes teamwork, and offers opportunities to work with a variety of people. ENFPs want to support, educate, and inspire the people around them. They tend to be attracted to careers in coaching and development, teaching, religious callings, or the creative arts.

Ask anyone with ENFP preferences what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll usually reply that they have a bunch of careers they’re looking into. The possibilities are endless, both for themselves and anyone in their sphere of influence. Although they tend to remain open to multiple career options throughout their lives, their list of careers will often follow a consistent theme: making a difference in the world and supporting others to follow their dreams.

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