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ENFP strengths and weaknesses

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ENFPs at their best

At their best, ENFPs are inspiring visionaries and natural leaders. They’re often excited by life, no matter what it brings their way.

People with ENFP preferences can easily shift and adapt to new challenges. Rather than becoming stressed or overwhelmed by new people or situations, they are inspired by new points of view and love to rise to the occasion. ENFPs are also inspiring to others, with the result that they often become leaders at work or in their personal lives.

Potential development areas for ENFPs

Their zest for life makes ENFPs fun to be around, but this also means they’re prone to extreme emotions—especially when they’re stressed.

They have a tendency to overcommit themselves in their excitement to take on new challenges. This may lead to them abandoning projects, struggling to prioritize, or burning out.

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Types and Stress

ENFPs and stress

People with ENFP preferences tend to have big personalities. They may also display frequent and dramatic changes in emotion.

ENFPs are likely to become overwhelmed if they’re forced to make a decision before they’re ready or commit to long-term plans they don’t agree with. They get stressed when deadlines interfere with their creative process, or when rules impose on their personal relationships.

If you have ENFP preferences, try these simple strategies to balance your feelings during times of stress: