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ISFJs careers

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ISFJs at work

ISFJs are patient and helpful, which puts them in a great position for many careers that focus on helping others. They’re great at one-on-one interactions, and they find joy and purpose in helping others to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

ISFJs seek out workplaces where co-workers work closely together and support each other. Loyalty and sense of duty are important to the ISFJ, so fields like healthcare, social work, or administrative and secretarial work appeal to them.

ISFJs are guided by Introverted Sensing, which creates strong ties to memories from their past. It’s not uncommon for ISFJs to choose a career based on an inspiring memory from childhood or early adulthood. For example, if an ISFJ was helped by a nurse as a childhood, it could inspire a career in nursing.

Career trends

ISFJs want to help others, and because they’re practical and cool under pressure, they often choose careers where they can assist people through a crisis or transition. This often leads the ISFJ to a career in healthcare, social work, or teaching, or as some type of assistant or right-hand person.

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Leadership style

ISFJs are not one of the more common leadership types, but you’ll often find ISFJs working as the backbone of an organization or workplace. They prefer to have others rely on them rather than lead others, as helping people gives them a sense of purpose.

ISFJs value tradition and generally stick to the tried-and-true way of doing things. If they are in a position of power, they typically like to enforce the rules and not stray from the course.

ISFJs on a team

ISFJs greatly enjoy being part of a team, and they generally want their co-workers to become as close as possible. They are co-operative and encouraging when working with others, and they’re always quick to point out other people’s talents and accomplishments.

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