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ESFPs at work

ESFPs are fun-loving and energetic, which makes them popular around the office. In the right setting, ESFPs can be incredibly motivational and encouraging to others. While a traditional or rigid office environment may not be the right fit for a spontaneous ESFP, these types of people thrive in an environment like a startup, creative agency, or a smaller company with flexibility and room to grow.

ESFPs are great at bringing out the best in others, and they often enjoy careers that allow them to do that. These personality types likely want to seek a career path that allows them to help others or bring joy to people’s lives.

ESFPs love to learn new skills and are often lifelong students. This means they can do best in a career that allows them to continue their education and expand their horizons. Many ESFPs don’t go to or finish college, instead choosing a non-traditional route or entering the workforce early.

Career trends

ESFPs may experience a few changes in careers, and that would suit them just fine. These types of personalities love to try new things, and while they put a lot of pressure on themselves to make others happy, they often march to the beat of their own drum.

ESFPs would be happiest in a career that allows them to help others while also learning new things. This might be caring for children or the elderly, planning events and activities, or working in the medical field.

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Leadership style

Typically, ESFPs aren’t found in leadership roles, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t make good leaders. While only a small percentage of leaders have ESFP personality types, ESFPs would make excellent leaders when fun and motivation are at the forefront of the job.

ESFPs intuitively seem to know what people need, and their practical minds help them to come up with simple solutions to conflict. These are great traits in a leader, should the ESFP decide it’s a role they want to do.

ESFPs on a team

ESFPs are the ultimate team players. In fact, they thrive on other people’s energy. They love to learn new things alongside interesting people. ESFPs are seen as fun and easygoing, which provides some relief for other, more serious personalities on a team.

While they aren’t the people who will stick to a rigid schedule, ESFPs do provide practical, smart solutions to problems, and they work hard when they know it’s for the common good.

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