Stress triggers and how to deal with stress according to your MBTI type

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Stress triggers and how to deal with stress according to your MBTI type

Posted 31 March 2023 by
Melissa Summer
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April is stress awareness month, and this month is the perfect time to put together your personal stress action plan.

Whether it’s work stress or stress at home, you’re likely experiencing more stress than you’re aware of. That’s where a stress action plan can be really helpful. What is a stress action plan? It’s an individual plan unique to yourself and your MBTI personality type that identifies your specific stress triggers, what behaviors you’re likely to exhibit when you’re stressed, and your own tried and true stress remedies.

You can use this infographic to give your brainstorming a headstart on what likely stresses you out according to your personality type and recommended stress remedies, but your personality is just part of what makes you, you. So take some time for your own personal development and for your well-being, and reflect on what comes to mind for you as you put together your stress action plan.

By paying attention to your stress triggers, you can not only better manage stress when it happens, but you can also predict what situations might cause you the most stress (and potentially avoid them or reduce the time you spend there). Then you can plan to incorporate tactics, behaviors and time for the things that reduce stress.

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What causes stress by Myers-Briggs personality type

What causes stress for ISTJ types?

  • Mess or disorder
  • Having to change plans
  • Information being too broad with no specifics given
  • Being rushed

What causes stress for ISFJ types?

  • Not being appreciated for how I help
  • Procrastination and last-minute changes
  • Not enough time to prepare
  • Dismissing how I feel

What causes stress for INFJ types?

  • Not being appreciated for “making a difference”
  • Others short-sightedness about the bigger picture
  • Forced time management
  • Suggestions met with criticism

What causes stress for INTJ types?

  • Disorganized environments
  • Limited time to change plans
  • Talking about our feelings
  • Following rules mindlessly

What causes stress for ISTP types?

  • Being forced into extraverted plans
  • Out-of-control emotions
  • Disregarding the practical realities
  • Lack of independence & forced socialization
  • Small talk

What causes stress for ISFP types?

  • Too much happening all at once
  • Disregarding the practical realities
  • Time pressure
  • Dismissing feelings because we have to rush

What causes stress for INFP types?

  • Mundane tasks
  • Negativity from others
  • Being rushed
  • Unclear expectations from others

What causes stress for INTP types?

  • Noise and other interruptions
  • Talking with people who don’t listen and I have to repeat myself
  • Following strict rules
  • Too many extraverted activities

What causes stress for ESTP types?

  • Inefficiencies in the name rules
  • Isolation
  • Plans not working out even with my best efforts
  • Having to make decisions too quickly

What causes stress for ESFP types?

  • Not being appreciated for how I help
  • Dismissing what I feel
  • Virtual meetups
  • Being unable to change commitments
  • Plans being overly (and unnecessarily) detailed

What causes stress for ENFP types?

  • Too many details
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Distrust among people I care about
  • Making plans too far ahead
  • Over commitment

What causes stress for ENTP types?

  • Mundane tasks
  • Focusing on personal problems
  • Isolation
  • Too many details and deadlines

What causes stress for ESTJ types?

  • Dismissing logic in favor of rules
  • Planning with people who aren’t organized
  • Inefficiency and indecision
  • Constant changes

What causes stress for ESFJ types?

  • Disrupting harmony
  • Valuing material things over people
  • Not being appreciated for how I help
  • Isolation

What causes stress for ENFJ types?

  • Uncooperative environments
  • Seclusion
  • Excessive criticism
  • Not being appreciated for how I help
  • Unexpected changes to plans

What causes stress for ENTJ types?

  • Indecisiveness
  • Inability to make decisions about plans
  • Loneliness
  • Others ignoring established rules
  • Disorganization

Stress reduction tips and techniques

There are multiple ways that you can reduce stress. A few of the stress remedies listed below work for all personality types, and some are more effective for certain people than others.

As you read through these stress reducers, think about times in your life when you were stressed, and what sort of things helped you feel more calm.

The first way to reduce stress that helps every one of the 16 MBTI types is to move around.

"Exercise relaxes tense muscles that become tight and rigid when you experience stress. It delivers oxygen to the brain, vital organs, and muscles immediately and produces endorphins that soothe your mind and body," says Kathleen Hall, chief executive of The Stress Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.

What sort of things count as moving around? Consider going for a walk. If you prefer Introversion, it may stress you less to go on a walk alone (or with a furry friend) than with company. Those with preferences for Introversion are energized by spending time alone, and lots of socializing with family and friends and parties can take a toll on their well-being. Even a short 5-minute walk down the street and back has positive benefits. If you prefer Extraversion, why not gather a few people together for a game of frisbee, a walk, or even an impromptu dance party in the kitchen? Extraverts are energized by spending time with others, so if stress is looming in your horizon, consider an active get together.

Want to learn more about how to deal with stress? Check out the Managing Stress resource page.