How one writer remembered what mattered most in her career with MBTIonline Careers

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How one writer remembered what mattered most in her career with MBTIonline Careers

Posted 02 November 2021 by
Kevin, MBTIonline Editor
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“Since I’ve accepted I can’t live life like a Bridgerton novel and meet a husband at a ball to decide our lives, I’m always thinking about the work I want to do and the life I want to build for myself.”

Meet Amber Burns. 

Books and writing are two passions that inspire her ByAmberBurns blog (go check her book reviews and recommendations) and she works as a full-time digital marketer, too. 

When she took the MBTIonline Careers assessment recently, we checked in with her to find out what she thought about it. 

“Learning more about my personality type has helped me realize what kind of work energizes me, makes me feel confident and aligns with my values,” she said. “I love that the MBTI assessment debunks myths about ALL the personality types and doesn’t make it about comparison.”

Although previously familiar with the MBTI type, she got something new this time around. With MBTIonline Careers, in addition to your MBTI type you get career satisfaction scores that predict how likely it is that you’ll be satisfied in those occupations.

“This wasn’t the first time I’ve taken the MBTI assessment, but I got the same result—I’m an INFJ,” she said. “The big career reminder that I got from the assessment? BE PRESENT!” 

(You can learn more about the rare INFJ personality type and INFJ strengths, careers and relationships here.)


“Meaning, when it comes to navigating career choices, INFJ types get so caught up in the long-term mission of the work, we overlook the actual day-to-day ... which can lead to burn out. This was a serious call out to not get so lost in my long-term career and life planning that I overlook what I need RIGHT NOW in this moment.”

As Amber’s MBTI takeaway shows, it’s easy to forget this stuff, even if you already know it or think you heard it before. Depending on your situation or time of life, different things resonate. 

Sometimes you need a reminder. But first, you need to know. 

“How do you make positive career (and life) changes that are authentic to who you really are and what you really want?” she says. “By KNOWING who you really are and what you really want, first." 

“I think it [MBTI assessment] helps you self-reflect to best decide the kind of work you’re meant to do, not just be good at. And the MBTIonline Careers assessment was super helpful in calling out how I think, get inspired, and make decisions.”

Have you tried self-awareness to help answer career questions? 

Check out MBTIonline Careers to give it a go. 

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