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Introversion and Extraversion get a lot of airtime on social media and around the internet, but not everyone understands the actual definition of these terms.

In the words of TEDtalk speaker and MBTI expert Michael Segovia, on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Extraversion and Introversion are defined in terms of how do we like and prefer to direct and receive energy.

People who prefer Introversion tend to think before acting and spend time in internal reflection. They’re usually more contained when interacting with others. And they tend to gain energy by spending time alone concentrating.

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Introverts around the world


Most common Introverted type


INFJ & INTJ are the least common Introverted type

*Based on research from Introversion and Conflict infographic

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The MBTI tool has helped resolve conflicts by identifying how we approach decision making. I'm an N/F/P and my colleague is an S/T/J. Because of the assessment, I now go to her to help me think through ideas. Before the MBTI assessment, I perceived her reactions to my ideas as rude and confronting. Now she's my go-to because she asks questions that allow me to think of everything my idea could potentially impact.
Amy S., MBTI customer

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