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MBTIonline Careers helps you find career satisfaction by matching your MBTI® results to occupations that best fit your unique personality, and predicting how likely it is that you’ll be satisfied in those occupations.

  • The official MBTI assessment plus individual report
  • Best-fit occupations with predicted satisfaction scores
  • More than 1,000 occupations to explore in depth
  • Personalized tips for career exploration and development

MBTIonline Careers

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Career recommendations you can trust

Choosing your career is an important life decision. Finding the right fit between who you are and what you do is critical for career satisfaction. That’s why MBTIonline Careers uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, the world’s leading research-validated psychometric tool, combined with decades of career satisfaction data. While you discover your unique personality preferences, we’ll match your MBTI results to the occupations most likely to be your best fit. Learn more about the research.

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Streamline your search with predicted satisfaction scores

Go beyond general recommendations. Our exclusive, data-driven algorithm draws on a sample of more than half a million working adults to predict your likelihood of occupational satisfaction on a scale of 0–100% for each of your top 300 career matches, simplifying your career exploration with clarity and precision. Whether you’re choosing your first career or looking for a change, you can do so with confidence, knowing that the odds are on your side. Tell me more about satisfaction scores.

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More than 1,000 occupations at your fingertips

MBTIonline Careers seamlessly integrates occupational information from the US Department of Labor’s O*NET® database into a user-friendly portal. Quickly research any one of over 1,000 occupations to get in-depth information like salary expectations, job trends, education requirements, and much more.

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Career tips tailored to you

Get personalized tips based on your MBTI type to enhance your career exploration and accelerate your career development once you’ve landed that dream job.

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Self-guided, online, and ready when you are

Get immediate career guidance when you need it most. Fully self-paced and online, MBTIonline Careers provides valuable insights that are easy to apply without having to seek out a career counselor.

Here's how it works



MBTIonline is a personal development solution for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. The experience encourages you to delve into your personality preferences to learn what makes you tick and how your preferences affect the way you relate to others. Personalized learning courses then help you to turn your newfound self-awareness into action for personal growth and well-being.

MBTIonline Careers is designed with a specific focus—to help you find your ideal career. While you’ll still determine your MBTI type and learn about your personality preferences along the way, the MBTIonline Careers experience focuses on:

  • Discovering and exploring your best-fit occupations.
  • Improving and enhancing the career exploration process.
  • Developing yourself once you’ve landed that dream job.

We all want a career that fits every aspect of our true selves. MBTIonline Careers looks at career exploration through the lens of your personality preferences to help you find careers that best fit what comes naturally and feels most comfortable to you. We also happen to have a ton of real-world data and expertise on the subject, which allows us to make amazing career predictions based on your MBTI assessment results.

Of course, your values, interests, and abilities are all important factors when it comes to choosing a career—these should also be considered as you explore our career recommendations.

MBTIonline Careers uses US data samples to make career recommendations and predict occupational satisfaction scores. Our occupational data is based on the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database. This means that information such as job outlook and salary expectations reflect the US market.

That said, you could still benefit from the career insights provided by MBTIonline Careers if you’re outside the US, as long as they’re taken as directional guidance and supplemented by research into your local market.

Yes. You’ll need to complete the MBTI assessment and an interactive learning session to confirm your best-fit type as part of the MBTIonline Careers experience. Your responses to assessment items are used to determine your career matches and predicted satisfaction scores. This enables us to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the experience.

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