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Social Distancing, Virtual Work, Personality Type and Keeping Your Sanity

Posted 25 Mar 2020 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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So… your world probably looks a little different than normal right now. Maybe as you’re reading this there are small children or teenagers in the background at home that would normally be at school. Or you’re working from home. Or you have a small business that’s currently shut its doors because of COVID-19 and you’re freaking out a bit.

Right now, self-awareness is more important than ever.

Because you’re under a larger amount of stress. Because change seems to be the only constant. Because whether you have preferences for Introversion or Extraversion, there is such a thing as being too isolated.

We know – we’re feeling it too.

But being the self-aware, growth-mindset person that you are you’re not just going to sit on your phone and binge-watch all of Netflix’ catalog. You’re going to take care of your own well-being first – because that’s what we need to do to stay sane right now.

Social Distancing – Extraversion & Introversion

People with preferences for Introversion and Extraversion will handle social distancing differently. You’ve probably already seen the barrage of memes or tweets from those preferring Introversion saying things like “Social distancing? I was born for this.” Or “when you find out that your normal daily routine is also called ‘shelter in place.’” Even for those preferring Introversion, there is still part of your personality that’s extraverted. You may only have a few close friends, but not getting to see those friends or family makes a big difference after a long enough amount of time. Even Introverts can get lonely.

And for Extraverts, this social distancing comes with a whole different set of challenges. Remember that those preferring Extraversion become drained when they’re by themselves for too long – that’s why they seek out other people. It’s especially hard when they can’t be around other people to recharge their batteries. They can end up in a downward spiral of battery-drainage and depressed inner dialogue.

There’s a great article in Psychology Today on this topic, and it reminds us that we’re in this together. Use your knowledge of MBTI type to help yourself and your friends and family right now. Maybe someone needs an extra check-in who lives alone?

Sometimes the hardest part is just reaching out to ask for help. But now is the time to ask if you need it.

Working Remotely – Resources

You might have to work remotely during this time. Or take online classes. Or figure out what to do with your kids home all day.

There are lots of resources out there that are helpful for working remotely.

Learn More Here

The headquarter office for The Myers-Briggs Company is in California, where I used to work. But since 2015 I’ve been working remotely full-time. I also have preferences for INFJ. Here are a few of my recommendations for virtual work:

Personality Type – Signs of Stress, Stress Remedies

There is such thing as news fatigue, and you might have already experienced it when it comes to updates on the pandemic. Add in all the things that have changed and the financial worries you may have and that’s a lot of stress.

But we have some resources for that too! Check out these articles:

What stresses you out most based on your MBTI type
Signs of Stress for Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

These are just as important to know for yourself as they are to know for other people you might be shelter-in-placed with.

4 Ways to De-Stress for Each of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Obviously, modify for social distancing.

Keeping Your Sanity – More Resources

A few more good things we’ve come across lately that might help you:

For your sanity:

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For your continued personal development:

For your kids:

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