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Your MBTI Questions – Answered!

Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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Have you ever wondered who created Myers-Briggs personality type?

Or whether it was based on science?

Or how psychologists measure the validity of personality assessments?

Now you can find answers to your questions! The MBTI Facts page can now help you find answers to the questions and criticisms commonly surfaced about the MBTI assessment.

Why create this page in the first place?

While the MBTI manual is full of research and resources, it can be a little intimidating to find a specific, succinct answer. And at nearly 350 pages and written for organizational psychologists and researchers, it’s not an easy read either. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unfounded criticisms about the assessment, as well as unethical use by some organizations and not-scientifically-valid wannabe quizzes online. So we made you something a little more user friendly.

The MBTI facts page gives you short responses to the common questions, backed by a deeper dive for those brave souls who want to know about test-retest reliability, convergent validity, and more.

Our goal is to update the page as we continue our research on the MBTI instrument and to continually add common questions.

If you have a question you think should be added to this page, we’d love to hear from you! Please email to make your request.