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What does it mean to be an ENTP?

Posted 01 November 2017 by
Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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You took the actual Myers-Briggs assessment (either at or through a certified practitioner) and your four-letter type says E-N-T-P. So what does it actually mean to have preferences for ENTP? What similarities might you see between you and someone with the same letters? Let’s find out!

First of all, if you need a quick review of what each of the four letters in the Myers-Briggs personality type mean, check out: What do the letters in the Myers-Briggs test stand for?

ENTP Type's Super Power

For someone with ENTP personality type, the strongest part of their personality is extraverted Intuition. These people are the enthusiastic innovators of the world. Also, they're constantly looking at their environment for new opportunities and possibilities and often seeing patterns not obvious to others.

In addition, the most prominent part of their personality is taking in information through connections and patterns, and people with these preferences are described as innovators. Compared to someone with the dominant preference of introverted Intuition, someone preferring extraverted Intuition likes to talk these ideas out verbally. Finally, they want to share their excitement and bouncing ideas off of others around them.

Words and phrases that often describe this type include:

ENTP Types and Projects

Because people with preferences for ENTP are often spontaneous and adaptable, they often struggle with schedules and standard operating procedures. Some people look at a project and say “this is the way we’ve always done it and it works, so let’s do it this way.” But someone with a preference for ENTP might look at the same project and say, “I have this new idea based on these things, let's try it this way and see if we get better results!”

Also, people who prefer ENTP often love to debate ideas, so don’t take it personally if someone with this personality type plays devil’s advocate to your ideas.

ENTP Types and Stress

Things that might stress someone with preferences for ENTP include

Signs of stress for ENTP types include wanting to make a change for the sake of novelty or feeling so overwhelmed with options that they can’t make a decision. Wondering how to remedy stress if you have preferences for ENTP? Take a look at the blog 4 Ways to De-Stress for Each of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types here.

ENTP Types and Careers

It’s important to use your MBTI preferences to find your career fit. As far as what type of careers people with preferences for ENTP tend to gravitate toward science, management, technology, arts and other occupations where they have the opportunity to take on new challenges continually.

However, keep in mind that this information represents trends and in no way implies which careers ENTPs should or should not pursue. It just tells us where people with this type of Myers-Briggs type tend to go towards.

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