The Complete and Official Guide to Extraversion & Introversion [eBook]

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The Complete and Official Guide to Extraversion & Introversion [eBook]

Posted 06 June 2017 by
Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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We know the topics of Extraversion and Introversion are everywhere. We’ve seen them in comics (many of which we find amazing), mentioned thousands of times a day on Twitter, on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, in TED Talks and so many other places.

Part of this popularity is due to the immediate relatability (or assumed relatability) of the terms and their ease of understanding. “Oh, he’s an introvert… he’s shy.” Or, “She’s a great speaker because she’s an extravert.”

Wait. What? Is that what people really think?

Misinformation is easy to find online, but when it comes to peoples’ understanding of themselves and those around them we believe this can be harmful.

And as the official Myers-Briggs assessment provider, we wanted to clear up some of these misconceptions and misrepresentations floating around. After all, when you read an article about MBTI type you don’t always know who is writing it, or what their qualifications are.

Our overview of Introversion and Extraversion was compiled by the official publisher of the MBTI, and will hopefully shed some light on these very popular, and often misrepresented, personality preference types.

Access our eBook: The Complete (and Official) Guide to Extraversion & Introversion