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Things You Can Learn from Each MBTI Personality Type

Posted 11 July 2017 by
Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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What’s a simple thing you can take from each MBTI personality types? Each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, way of viewing the world, and making decisions, and more.

While someone’s MBTI type obviously can’t tell us everything about that person, it can help us better understand and communicate with them by giving both of you a common language to discuss differences. In addition, no matter what your type is, by being aware of similarities and differences you can learn something from the strength of each different Myers-Briggs personality type.

What can you learn from people with ISTJ personality types? Be more realistic.

People with this personality type have the strength of using all their senses to take in information and analyze it internally. While other types are more of the dreamers, take it from the ISTJ personality type and be realistic when it comes to what you can actually achieve given resources and time.

What can you learn from people with ISFJ personality types? Help in a practical way.

Similar to the ISTJ personality type, people with a preference for ISFJ are very good at using their senses to take in facts and information and have an excellent memory about things that have happened in the past that registered as important to them. However those with preferences for ISFJ are especially good at taking in information regarding people (think tone of voice or body language). When you’re looking to help someone, pay attention to not only what someone is saying but also the non-verbal cues to their feelings. Use those to help you someone with this preference in a very practical, down to earth way (do you need an aspirin?)

What can you learn from people with INFJ personality types? Follow your gut.

People with preferences for INFJ are known for thinking about the big picture and connecting the dots based on their ideas and their intuition.  Learn from the INFJ to follow your gut feelings and work through the situation in your head before moving forward in supporting them toward their long term vision for the future.

What can you learn from people with INTJ personality types? Plan for the long-haul.

Those with preferences for INTJ are especially good at synthesizing conceptual information and using it to plan for the future. They are long-range thinkers and often come from an objective (not biased) viewpoint. If you know someone who has INTJ preferences, learn from them how to take concepts to create plans for the future.

What can you learn from people with ISTP personality types? Detach, then solve the problem.

Those with preferences for ISTP are great at rational decision making using concrete data. Their favorite function (personality super power) is introverted Thinking followed by extraverted Sensing. One of the most pertinent things you can learn from this personality type (especially if you have a preference for Feeling) is how to detach yourself from the situation so you can solve the problem logically and objectively.

What can you learn from people with ISFP personality types? Be versatile in your kindness.

People with preferences for ISFP follow their strong inner values and often want to help and be kind to people in a way that reflects those values. Their introverted Feeling preference is the strongest part of their personality, but what people see is what they extravert: the Sensing preference. Learn from your fellow ISFPs how to be kind while also being observant in that kindness so you can be flexible in your response to them as it relates to their values.

What can you learn from people with INFP personality types? Stay curious.

INFP personality types use their Feeling preference internally and extravert or show their Intuition part to others, which means you might not see their deep sense of values and inner convictions about humanity and service.  You can learn from the strengths of your INFP friends and coworkers by continually asking “why”, and how that help ot answer can support others grow, thrive, change and heal.  You may be surprised at what you can learn about other people by asking and then really listening.

What can you learn from people with INTP personality types? Learn how stuff works.

And no, we’re not talking about the website (though you can find a crazy amount of info on there and we like that site). Those with preferences for INTP are often described as insightful, curious and mentally quick. They’re adept as figuring out how things work and will continue to pursue an intellectual topic that interests them until they feel they’ve analyzed it adequately. Take a note from the INTP and question and explore all the possible ways to solve a problem or issue.

What can you learn from people with ESTP personality types? Toughen up when required.

People with preferences for ESTP extrovert their Sensing preference (also their favorite function) and introvert their Thinking preference. They are logical and analytical in how they solve problems, so take a lesson from the ESTP on standing your ground when the situation calls for it and the facts are on your side.

What can you learn from people with ESFP personality types? Work on your empathy.

People with preferences for ESFP are often known for their enthusiasm, flexibility, and positive attitude. Like some of the other types with Sensing and Feeling preferences, they’re really good at observing what’s going on with other people and then responding in a practical, helpful way. Take notes from people with ESFP preferences on observing what is going on with others around you and responding in way that can support them immediately.

What can you learn from people with ENFP personality types? Innovation & motivation.

Those with ENFP preferences are known for being enthusiastic and imaginative. Their favorite function is extraverted Intuition and they introvert their Feeling preference. Learn from your ENFP about how to be enthusiastic about lots of ideas and how to warmly motivate others to get on board with their vision for what is possible.

What can you learn from people with ENTP personality types? Always look for opportunities.

With a favorite function of extraverted Intuition with introverted Thinking as their next favorite, those with preferences for ENTP are known for seeing the world as being full of exciting challenges that they analyze internally. So what’s one thing you can learn from someone with an ENTP preference? Always keep your eyes open to the opportunities around you, while remaining logical and impartial about the value of each idea. With the right mindset, you’ll see more challenges to conquer than you normally would (unless, of course, you have preferences for ENTP).

What can you learn from people with ESTJ personality types? Tie up loose ends.

People with preferences for ESTJ extravert their favorite function of Thinking. They use this part of their personality to organize all part of their lives, personally and professionally.  If you know someone who has a preference for ESTJ, watch how they always tie up loose ends. They are efficient and pragmatic, and make sure every “t” is crossed and every “I” is dotted.

What can you learn from people with ESFJ personality types? Attract the bees with honey.

Those with preferences for ESFJ are known for being warm and amicable, which makes perfect sense because they extravert or show their Feeling function. You will also see them exhibiting efficiency and organization in most things they do. What’s one thing you can learn from this personality type? Try being kind first. Like the old saying goes, you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. (Which, y’know, is great because the honeybee population is at risk and they’re great pollinators!)

What can you learn from people with ENFJ personality types? Put other’s happiness first.

Those with preferences for ENFJ (like the ESFJ folks mentioned above) also have a favorite function of extraverted Feeling, but their second favorite function is introverted Intuition so they synthesize that connection to people internally to make connections and see meanings others may have missed. It’s scientifically proven that for most people, doing good deeds increases feelings of happiness, so learn a little from the ENFJ personality types and do something to put someone else’s happiness first.

What can you learn from people with ENTJ personality types? Have a clear strategy.

Last but certainly not least, those with preferences for extraversion, intuition, thinking and judging (ENTJ) think ahead and are great at anticipating problems before they arise. Because of this strength, those with ENTJ preferences are often the ones setting the strategy, and leading the charge to make sure their vision is implemented. Learn from your ENTJ friend or coworker by observing how they anticipate problems (often out loud) and then develop a big-picture plan to move forward.