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Learning first-hand from the experts about Introversion | Hush Loudly Podcast

Posted 22 Apr 2021 by Melissa, MBTI Marketing Manager
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The Hush Loudly podcast on WGN Radio in Chicago has one goal – to help fellow Introverts share their worlds. And this week, host Jeri Bingham has The Myers-Briggs Company’s Michael Segovia as a guest. Known for his TEDtalk, Michael is also one of the lead MBTI certification trainers in the US and an MBTI Master Practitioner.

One of the things they talk about are the strengths of those who prefer Introversion. Things like

“I wonder how our strengths are also coming out during this pandemic, where we’re required to socially distance from one another," said Michael during the podcast. "For some people, it may not be fun but it may be a lot easier to have that time alone, and that’s a strength that we bring to the table.”

Turns out that both Jeri and Michael have preferences for INFP, so if that’s also your type you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode.

“You just described the difference between me and my introverted friends,” said Jeri at one point where they were talking about the difference between the last two letters of the MBTI type – Judging and Perceiving.

Want to hear more? Check out the podcast here or search “Hush Loudly” on your favorite podcast platform.