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The Ultimate (and official) Guide to Extraversion and Introversion

The terms “Introvert” and “Extravert” are thrown around in pop culture daily, but most people are using them incorrectly or often paint them in a polarizing way. Introverts are shy, Extraverts are great at communicating… well, not always.

We here at are here to help set the record straight.

Whether you've already taken the MBTI assessment, or have only self-analyzed yourself against a “Which Harry Potter character are you?” graphic, this guide will help you gain a better understanding of what is means to have preferences for Introversion or Extraversion. The background, misuses and misconceptions, and examples all brought to you by, part of the official publisher of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

Who is this guide for?
This guide is for anyone who has ever thought about or tried to identify his or her preference for Extraversion or Introversion. It’s also for individuals who already know their personality preferences and would like to learn more about why they lean toward one or the other. And it’s for people who are willing to try to build better relationships by flexing their personality preferences a bit to experience life on the “other side.”

What will I get out of this guide?
This guide will give you an introduction and more accurate understanding of Extraversion and Introversion from the people who teach it around the world. You’ll get definitions, background, information about misconceptions and stereotypes, and more. Oh, and some pretty great conversation starters, too.

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The Ultimate (and official) Guide to Extraversion and Introversion