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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? was designed to be a learning experience with personal insight and growth in mind. Here you can take the authentic Myers-Briggs assessment, verify your results, receive a report, and access an MBTI personality tool set (MBTI® Type Explorer) intended to provide you with actionable tips and articles for your personality type. You can return to the site at any time to further explore your MBTI type and access type tips and type-specific content.

Is there a sample report available?

Yes, you can download a sample MBTI report by clicking here. This is the report you will get (yours will be customized to your type) after you complete the assessment here at

Can I use with teams?

The Myers-Briggs assessment and experience found here at are intended for individual use. For team or organizational use, please contact us.

Is this the real Myers-Briggs assessment?

Yes. is operated by The Myers-Briggs Company, the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.

Unfortunately there are a lot of imitators online using free tests bearing the Myers-Briggs name to promote themselves and mislead users. These imitators are not affiliated with The Myers & Briggs Foundation or The Myers-Briggs Company. Many of these sites create a four-letter type output, but we cannot speak to the accuracy of their results or of the approach they use to explain the personality framework. We’ve found that many of these sites misrepresent the MBTI type preferences and create type stereotypes that negatively impact people’s understanding of the MBTI personality framework. As a rule of thumb, if it’s free it’s not real.

Why should I pay to take this assessment when there are so many free tests on the Internet?

Our goal is to deliver a highly accurate, research-backed experience that provides valid and reliable results, as well as an evolving learning tool set that includes actionable tips.

After you take the assessment at, you will have access to our MBTI® Type Explorer site. Log back in any time to read about new research, refer to your results, and have access to new tips and other tools as they become available.

We recognize that there are personality test alternatives out there. MBTI Online is designed for people who are looking for something beyond a casual personality quiz. It was created by The Myers-Briggs Company, the exclusive publisher of the MBTI assessment, to provide a comprehensive exploration of personality type that is personally relevant to each user. We are continually investing in research, optimizing the assessment to increase reliability and relevancy, and are always looking for new insights to share with our users.

Our pricing ensures that we can continue to work on and deliver an experience that reflects our values and ambitions while bringing the power of the MBTI assessment to individuals around the world.

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