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The MBTI® provides a powerful framework for building stronger teams, better relationships, and more effective communication.

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"The MBTI has helped me to not take misunderstandings so personally."

MBTI® Team Programs
The Myers-Briggs® Company, and its network of international partners, can bring the power of MBTI insights to your organization. This customized training builds upon individuals’ understanding of their four-letter type, explores team dynamics, and supports team members to work together more effectively.

Our team programs start at $2,900 USD.

*MBTIonline.com does not offer team reports and is designed for individual and personal use.

An Expert-Led Approach
As every team is slightly different, having an expert to help guide your team through this discovery process is critical to its success.

We offer a facilitated approach to support team members as they explore the impact of personality difference on team dynamics. Our expert facilitators can ensure these differences are clearly defined and understood by the team, and can answer questions specific to the group – helping them to approach problem-solving, communication and conflict more constructively.

Customized for your Team
Our team programs are designed with your business goals in mind.

We offer tools and resources to help you understand your teams unique personality composition, dynamics, and what to be looking out for to get the most from your work.

To learn more and to receive a quote, please submit a request using the form below and let us know what you want to accomplish with your team.

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