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Taking the MBTI online personality assessment gives you access to a variety of learning and development resources and continually updated tools, content, and site features.


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Features & Benefits

  • Take the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessment online

  • Share stories and insights with others in the MBTI community

  • Access development tools, content, and official MBTI updates

  • Share your results with a single click

Here’s what you’ll get:

Types Grid

Interactive Learning Experience

After taking the MBTI assessment, you’ll walk through our interactive learning experience. The site is designed to further explain and expand on the MBTI type preference pairs and provide you with more detailed insight on how to use this knowledge. At the end of this experience you will receive your four-letter type.


Type Exploration offers a solutions oriented experience. You'll receive user stories, articles, tools, tips, and resources all about MBTI type once you've received your results. We're constantly adding new features and functionality to enrich your experience and personal development.

Sample Report

Personal Type Report

The personalized type report provides an overview of your preferences, a look at typical characteristics of your type as well as your common interaction styles with others, things to look out for at work, and other personality details you might not be aware of. This report is delivered as a PDF and can be printed or taken with you on any device.

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Multiple Devices

Available Across Devices is the online home of the official Myers-Briggs assessment, making your ability to sign up, access resources, and learn about your type easier than ever. Now available on desktops, laptops, and tablets.


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